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Ice cube recognition debug problem | Cypress Semiconductor

Ice cube recognition debug problem

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I've got a cy3268 and I've programmed It correctly using the ice-cube. My problem is that when I try to debug using the ice-cube I get the message-window that says that the designer cannot connect to the ice. The message is exactly the one in the jpg that I have attached. I get the message after doing Debug->Connect from the menu of PSoCDesigner. The ice-cube is connected to the cy3268 in the same way It was when I downloaded the program in the board and in that occasion everything worked fine. I'm using PSoCDesigner 5.1 which I've recently downloaded.


Thanks for the help and have a nice day.



Trinca Claudio 

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This forum is for PSoC5 devices, that are programmed using PSoC Creator software. Your question will be appropriate for another forum like (maybe) PSoC1 > Device Programming.

Sorry for not being any more helpful!


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