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How to measure the duration of PWM | Cypress Semiconductor

How to measure the duration of PWM

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Hey everyone,

I know that there are lot of topic about it, but I didn't find a good one which works. I would like to measure the signal PWM from a receiver R/C. The high pulse duration is between 1ms-2ms with a frequency of 60Hz

I try to use a timer but I don't achieve to get a good value.

I put a timer in UDB but I don't understand what should I use.

I want to start the timer when I have a rising edge, and go to an interrupt when I have a falling edge, after in my interrup I read the timer, obtain the duration and reset the timer

But there are too much pins and I don't know what to choose and connect:


Thank you


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Attached a project you can consider.


Regards, Dana.

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