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How to measure 0 to 10 volt with DeltaSigma ADC | Cypress Semiconductor

How to measure 0 to 10 volt with DeltaSigma ADC

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Hi to every one

You may find this silly but i still want to know what are techniqes

I can use simple voltage divider circuit to scale down range, then what will be effect on signal that i was not able to locate on google. or is there any other methode to do scale down??



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You can use 2 resistors as a voltage divider and multiply the result by the inverse of the divider ratio.
Internal input resistance of converter would affect the actual ratio, however you can use the DS ADC with buffer with should have very little effect if your resistor used are not too high.
Of course the output impedance of your circuit would also need to be considered.
You can use the internal op-amp as a buffer if your source has high output impedance.
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