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how to check the resources used in Psoc5 | Cypress Semiconductor

how to check the resources used in Psoc5

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I am using the Psoc 5 velelopment kit. I met some errors when I am using the UDBs:

1.Resource limit: Maximum number of PLDs exceeded (max=48, needed=57).

2.UDB array capacity exceeded during initial placement. 9 blocks could not be placed. See report file for more information.

How to find out in the Creator that how many resources I am using  ?

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Hi hualili

You can see resource usage report in

Workspace Explore / Result TAB / project name.rpt file.

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Some componets have fixed function and UDB options. try to use the fixed function one to reduce the UDB usage, May be you can post your project here so we can see what can be done.

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 Also, every component datasheet has a "Resourse usage" section where you can see the resources used for every configuration. To reduce UDB usage it is recomended to use fixed function blocks when available and 8bit instead of 16/24 bit periferals.  

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Overall project resources, more than just summary page -



"Generate Project Datasheet"


Regards, Dana.


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