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How can I code the output of ADC ? | Cypress Semiconductor

How can I code the output of ADC ?

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I am trying to calculate the power consumption of a system , to do so I am reading the voltage value from a shunt resistor and amplifying it . After amplification , the signal goes to the Delta-Sigma ADC and finally I have digital form of my voltage value. Now , I need to do calculation with coding. How can I code the digital output of an ADC ?

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The DelSigADC API has several functions that convert the digital reading into voltage values.

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As usual there are some example projects availlable. Just right-click on the ADC component and select "Find Example Project". Choose one without DMA first, will be easier for you.



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Your reading off the shunt R produces an equivalent instantaneous I.

Ohms law. The V read is instantaneous V. So now you have to correct

for reactive loads. Google "embedded power meter ac line", lots of ap

notes on basic calculations and period measurement to do the calculations.


Regards, Dana.

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