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Graphical LCD 7-10" - Psoc4 or 5LP | Cypress Semiconductor

Graphical LCD 7-10" - Psoc4 or 5LP

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I want to know if it`s possible to drive a tablet size LCD (7-10")  using Psoc4 or 5LP ?

I saw some projects with Nokia 6610`s LCD in the internet.  But I didn`t see any project with big size LCD. I want to be sure that it is possible to do it!!

if so, any refference like which component can be used to drive this graphical LCD is so welcome.

Note that I`m not going to pay for any library liscencing like emWin.

I need to draw line and show picture in the LCD. something like (Color Graphics Shield) is going to be enough + showing picture. 

Please let me know also if any model of driver and LCD is suggested in my case. 



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The largest display with whom I worked - 140.0 x 82.0 mm    WG240128R  (controller RA8820 )

program can be found here       ( )

but, for some displays seems to have libraries:

7" inch TFT LCD module 800x480 SSD1963 w/touchpad PWM, arduino AVR STM32 ARM     and   Karlsen's UTFT library

You may be able to adapt them for PSoC


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 I worked with 5", 480x272 , 16bpp TFT(AT050TN33) on PSOC5LP. Interface between TFT and MCU provide PSOCs graphic LCD controller component and resistive touchscreen component. Although it is quite slow GLCD component can reasonably work with display a double-buffering technique. I tried to connect a 7"display with resolution 800x480 on the same board and it worked. But fclock parameter exceed  maximum safe operating frequency for GLCD component and repainting was slow.  



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You really need SVGA for that and I think this only supports up to QVGA.


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Thanks everybody for response. 


Pavloven, thanks for the liks. yeah they could be OK. but I`m just wondering about the refresh time and picture loading in such an LCD. or drawing a line in the LCD.

JanVan , what was the frequency?  was the picture clear on the LCD ? I am thinking to use an LCD with SSD1963 controller. it has internal buffer. do you think it will solve the speed problem?


I couldn`t find any LCD on the market that has parallel i8080 interface and is higher res than 800*480. the higher ones used LVDS for screen and I couldn`t find any chip that can convert i8080 to LVDS signaling for the screen. any experience or suggestion on this?


Pavloven and Jan, Can I have any contact info from you ? Email or skyepe ID? my E-mail is: I would really appericiate if you can send me an email and provide me more info about what you used and your experiences.


Thanks again for your help



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