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Good PSoC5 Reference Design in EagleCad? | Cypress Semiconductor

Good PSoC5 Reference Design in EagleCad?

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I have a fairly straightforward project:

+25 to -300 mmHg pressure sensing

Simple 12V pump

Graphic LCD (ideally with touch screen, but membrane buttons would do)

I'd like to use a PSoC5 (for a variety of reasons)

Here's my question:  Is there a good reference design I could start with?  For example, does anyone have an EagleCad schematic (and ideally a board layout) that shows the recommended layout for the processor?  It would be a real time-saver to see a recommended crystal, programming port and any other support electronics whereby I could just add my own analog and I/O components and have a near-complete system.


Is anything like that out there?


Thanks in advance,



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You can start the project immediately if you use one of the ready made board such as this:

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You could start at studing the schematics and board layout of the CY8CKIT-030 / -050  kits, those are examples of good layouts with low floor noise. Also the PSOC3 "Presicion voltmeter" kit has a well optimmised layout.


Although the documentations is in PDF format and you will have to reproduce them in eagle yourself.


The only publicly available eagle footprint for a PSOC3 device is the one made by Kmamnad for his EZ PSOC3 board

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Looks like a project for a PSoC4. Everything needed is on the chip


CapSense (Does it work for touch-screens?)

PWMs (for controlling the pump

Communication interfaces


Get hands on a Pioneer Kit and start your project.


Happy coding



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