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Get X Y Data from optical mouse using PSoc 5 | Cypress Semiconductor

Get X Y Data from optical mouse using PSoc 5

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Hi, I have very little experience using PSoc 5 (have to use it for a Uni project). I'd like to use the optical sensor on a  mouse to get relative X Y positional data. The mouse  is a Dell (P/N 4k93w). From checking the pin outputs I think it has an ADNS9500 optical sensor, and it also has a Cypress CY763823-SXC encore II peripherial controller. My question is what is the best way to get the data?

Do you use an SPI Master to connect to the ADNS9500 directly and have the ADNS9500 as a slave, or do you connect to the controller , again as master? I'm not that familiar with SPI, would it be better to find a mouse that supports PS/2 (again equally unfamiliar with Ps/2  but just looking for the easiest way to get the data).

Any and all help appreciated. Thanks.

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Evan D,

check similar project by <pavloven> using optical mouse sensor (ADNS2030 or ADNS-2051)


There are some codes for PS/2 mouse floating around (but where can you find PS/2 mouse nowadays?).

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