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Flash Protection -- how to determine after the fact | Cypress Semiconductor

Flash Protection -- how to determine after the fact

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   I need to know how to determine if flash is protected without trying to reprogram, due to system setup issues.

   I looked on Google, and searched in the Communities on, and looked in documentation.  In documentation, it says the code won't verify if protected.

   I'm assuming you have to load the flash programmer program.  However, that program appears to only want to verify after reprogramming, unless I really missed something.

   Is there a tutorial on verification of flash protection?

   I'm assuming the part is locked, as SWD could not connect at all.  However, I've had the programmer not connect to parts that were *not* locked, until the 4th, 5th, or more tries, once a program was loaded and operational, so I don't fully trust that as a verification step.

  Any suggestions?

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From the TRM, attached.


Regards, Dana.

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I assume that you need to check if a particular row in the flash is protected or not. You can read the flash from PSoC Programmer. Protected rows will give "X" instead of the data.



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