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falsh security....

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when i using the PSoC Programmmer, i saw this as the picture above.

Does it mean that the Programmer can do someting about flash security ?


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 You can change the protection of flash from the Creator.

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Hi doe_cn

When you open ***.cydwr file, you can see Flush Security TAB

Flush memory can protect by each 256byte.

You can set protect level [U/F/R/W] as you need.

U:un protect, ... W:full protect..


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i know the flash security in the Creator, but my question is whether the "doing protect" in the Programmer  means the same function.

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At least this is the point where protection should be made, after the programming. So, why not try it? out?


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 yes PSOC programmer does flash security setting during firmware upload. 

on the picture you uploaded it is just setting the right configurations, wich by default is it can be read/write/change unprotected

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