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Error while programming

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I use a custom board with a PSOC5. Until now, the board run perfectly. From one day to the next the board has no function - supply is OK, we had no overvoltage, etc ...
I can not successfully program this board. The current consumption of the device is 26 mA at 12V (with a voltage regulator down to 3.3V)


Programming started for device: 'PSoC 5LP CY8C5667LTI-LP041'.
Device ID Check
WARNING! JTAG/SWD communication for PSoC3/5 is not stable with the clock above 3.2 MHz! Please select lower clock option in case of failures.
Programming of Flash Starting...
Error: dbg.M0023: There was an error while programming the device: PSoC Programmer reported error (103 - Failed to program the chip!)

Does anyone have an idea or solution approaches?

Thank you


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Did you select a lower clock as suggested?

There is a chip protection option which will, when used once, deny any further programming.

Are you using a miniprog3? Power set to "external", acquire set to "Reset"



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