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Error when following intermediate example in documentation | Cypress Semiconductor

Error when following intermediate example in documentation

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Hi, I am using PSoC Creator 2.1 wth the CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5 development kit, trying to follow the example in the document manager. It is located under "PSoC Creator Help -> Getting Started -> Design Tutorials -> Intermediate".

However, after adding the ADC, about half way down the page, and trying to build, I get the following error:

ADC_DelSig EOC output for the PSoC 5 device can only be connected to a single Interrupt (already included in the component) and a single DMA.

The End-of-conversion (EOC) is signaled by a status register bit, decimator interrupt, and decimator DMA. The DSI routable signal does not work. Instead, the CPU can poll the status register bit. It can also use the decimator interrupt or decimator DMA in a non-Edge trigger mode.

Am I doing something wrong?? I have double and triple checked it, starting again from scratch and it still gives the same result.

Thanks for any insights you may be able to provide.

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Hi Hoff86

What is connect to the eoc terminal?

Usually, ISR or DMA would be connect to the eoc terminal.

Or no connection also OK.

I am looking some example programs but never has such a error.

You would be better to use Creator's included examples,

such as DelSig_SPIM, DelSIg_I2C.

You can get it from New Project Dialog.

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Thanks for your reply.

The eoc pin is connected to an interrupt. Everything is exactly as in the example.

I did consider just using one of the pre-built examples, but I wanted to understand this in case I run into it again. And since it is a published example (1 of 3), I thought it must surely work..?!


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I just found this in the ADC datasheet:

There is already an interrupt, internal to the component, which is connected to this signal.
Note The EOC for PSoC 5 is restricted in how it can be connected. The EOC terminal is not routable except to a single DMA component.

So it appears that the examples are not compatible with the board they come with.. :(

What a strange limitation.

Thanks for your time anyway. Hopefully someone else will stumble across this and find it useful.

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This is corrected with PSoC5LP and Creator 2.2


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