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Enter value during debugging | Cypress Semiconductor

Enter value during debugging

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 I have a complex project wherein I want to see whether the deviceundergoes a step by step execution of particular part of code.

So when I debug, I want the code execution to come and halt at this part of code and shoulkd not execute further. 

Can this be done with while( variable); with value defined greater than 0 when initialised and set to 0 during debug???

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Use #define and #ifdef, #endef to control constant to be

assigned to a variable.


#define DEBUG



x = 20              // Normal variable value

#ifdef DEBUG

x = 10             // Debug value



When you comment out the #define then thats normal program settings.

Note these are much mroe flexible control statements. Like macro definitions,



Regards, Dana.

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 Why not using the Breakpoint feature? It will stop the code execution just at the previous line.

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