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Elnec Qualified Production Programming for PSoC 5: | Cypress Semiconductor

Elnec Qualified Production Programming for PSoC 5:

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Cypress Semiconductor has completed the production programming qualification for Elnec ( The qualification covered all electrical requirements, algorithm support (SWD protocol only), and verification of device sockets. Cypress has qualified 100-TQFP sockets from Elnec for programming PSoC 5 devices.

Elnec has released their software update, revision V2.84k/12.2011, which contains the qualified PSoC 5 support. Prior to programming any Cypress PSoC 5 devices the distributor or vendor must update to the latest revision of software from Elnec.

The following table details the Elnec adapter Support


PSoC 5 Device MPN

PSoC 5 Device Package

Adapter Part Number



DIL 48/QFP100 ZIF CY-2

Elnec Systems currently supports the device listed above and will add the remaining PSoC 5 device support before the end of the quarter 2011.

For more information on PSoC production programming and programming in general please see the following web page for more details:

If one needs additional device support please file a tech support case so that your request can be expedited.

PSoC Programmer 3.13.4 Release:

We are pleased to announce the release of PSoC Programmer 3.13.4 which is available at the following web page:  

PSoC Programmer 3.13.4 provides the following updates:

Defect fixes to support Ovation II devices

  • Updated PSoC 3 and GEN4 device support list
  • Supports PSoC Designer and PSoC Creator releases

For more information on the software update please see the PSoC Programmer release notes and user guide linked on the PSoC Programmer web page.

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