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DMA not updating vdac | Cypress Semiconductor

DMA not updating vdac

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i have attached project . I tried ti read potentiometer by ADC and use DMA to trasfer the adc data to Vdac.Also i have used usrt to print the value of adc. After each conversion of adc DMA should update the vdac but that dint happen. I believe i went wrong in configuring DMA.

Can DMA and UART access the same component at same time?

I Just wanted to know where have i gone wrong in configuring DMA. I used DMA wizard.


Thank You.



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Try this program I tested it an it works on the 5lp kit.

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It seems incorrect line: 

//CyDmaTdSetConfiguration(dma_TD[0], 1, CY_DMA_DISABLE_TD, 0);   //  no !!!
  CyDmaTdSetConfiguration(dma_TD[0], 1, CY_DMA_INVALID_TD, 0);   //  YES

compare with bobgoar project

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