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Difficulty turning around RS485 half duplex from TX to RX | Cypress Semiconductor

Difficulty turning around RS485 half duplex from TX to RX

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(((QUICK TAKE HOME: Always do "rxStatus = UART_1_RXSTATUS_REG" after calling UART_LoadRxConfig() function.)))

 I'm using a PSoC5, RS485 TX/RX interface chip (ST1480ABDR), and UART component version 2.10 configured in half duplex mode.

In general, I can transmit and receive just fine.  Also, note that the UART component tx_en output goes to a PSoC5 chip pin and to my RS485 TX/RX chip, *properly* controlling the physical direction of the lines.  So physical line turnaround works correctly.

However, I have a turnaround problem inside the PSoC5.  On power up, I configure for transmit and send out a version number to let my host PC know the target is alive.  Then I turn the channel around for receive.  I'm typing slow by hand on the host, but regardless I *miss* the first char.  I type a CR/LF and my software recognizes a "command" from the host.  My software turns the channel around and echoes out the command.  This is one way I know I missed the first char.  I then turn the channel around yet again to start receiving.  Yet again, I miss the first character typed.  In general, every time I turn around from TX to RX, I miss the first character in RX.  I can see the char on the scope, so I know my physical line is working.  Also, I'm should be using UART_LoadTxConfig() and UART_LoadRxConfig() properly.

Debugging, I discover the following.  I do indeed get an interrupt for that first character.  I trace inside UART_GetChar() and discover that I really do get the character itself as well.  However, immediately after this, this UART_GetChar() code checks rxstatus.  It turns out that rxstatus has the UART_RX_STS_BREAK bit set.  Seeing this, the code replaces the properly recieved char with a zero, and my code then thinks UART_GetChar() had nothing to return.

So it appears that I'm getting a "break" status after turning the line around from TX to RX.  I tried two things.  The second worked, but I would prefer the first to work.  The second thing I tried was to do "rxStatus = UART_1_RXSTATUS_REG" *inside* the interrupt routine immediately before my call to UART_GetChar().  This effectively cleared the break condition prior to UART_GetChar(), so that UART_GetChar() followed through with returning that first char to me.  In fact, I set a one-time flag so that I only do this "rxStatus = UART_1_RXSTATUS_REG" during the first interrupt after I turn the line around.  So this works.

But the first thing I tried should be more appropriate.  I tried many things when I turned the line around, but none worked.  In detail, I tried UART_1_ClearRxBuffer(), UART_1_ReadRxStatus(), and UART_1_GetChar().  

CONFUSING SUCCESS: While writing up to this point right here, the above was the case.  But I thought of a third thing to do.  I was trying my first thing immediately *before* the UART_LoadRxConfig().  Instead, I tried "rxStatus = UART_1_RXSTATUS_REG" immediately *after* the UART_LoadRxConfig().  This is now working properly and it's in a code location that makes sense.  That it, it's immediately after turning the line around rather than upon the first receipt of a character interrupt.

So it turns out I've got things working to my satisfaction.  But I still want to "know", and I'll still post in case this helps others in the future.  What I want to know is this: Why am I getting a break after turning the line around from TX to RX?  I'm pretty sure that no actual break is occurring.  Should UART_LoadRxConfig() be modified to clean up this little snafu?  Or is there something ELSE I should be doing to keep this from happening?

Thanks very much.


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My humble opinion you should post a TECH CASE at,

use a link to this thread.


Regards, Dana.

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