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Differential mode problem ADC_delsig Psoc 5 Kit-014 | Cypress Semiconductor

Differential mode problem ADC_delsig Psoc 5 Kit-014

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I am trying to use the ADC_delsig on one of my Psoc 5  CY8C5588AXI-060 that come the Kit-014. The Single measurement works fine, but the Differential gives me the same result as the Single. I am giving 2.5 V to the Positive  input of the ADC_delsig and 1.3V to the Negative input of the ADC but the ADC always read 2.5V whatever is on the negative input.

The thing is,  I am also using CAN in the same program to send the ADC result and display it on a LCD on an another controller. Maybe the CAN interfere with the ADC ? I doubt it is the case though..

I have also a Psoc 3  CY8C3866AXI-040 that come with the Kit-001 and thne using the ADC_delsig code given in the examples that come with the Psoc creator, everything work fine , and I can read in Differential mode on this controller.

I have attached my code to this post, Can anybody help me make this differential reqding work on my Psoc 5 CY8C5588AXI-060?

Thank you very much,


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Hi Tim,


This question is answered in the post here.

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