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Differential mode problem ADC_delsig Psoc 5 Kit-014 | Cypress Semiconductor

Differential mode problem ADC_delsig Psoc 5 Kit-014

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I am trying to use the ADC_delsig on one of my Psoc 5  CY8C5588AXI-060 that come the Kit-014. The Single measurement works fine, but the Differential gives me the same result as the Single. I am giving 2.5 V to the Positive  input of the ADC_delsig and 1.3V to the Negative input of the ADC but the ADC always read 2.5V whatever is on the negative input.

The thing is,  I am also using CAN in the same program to send the ADC result and display it on a LCD on an another controller. Maybe the CAN interfere with the ADC ? I doubt it is the case though..



I have also a Psoc 3  CY8C3866AXI-040 that come with the Kit-001 and thne using the ADC_delsig code given in the examples that come with the Psoc creator, everything work fine , and I can read in Differential mode on this controller.

I have attached my code to this post, Can anybody help me make this differential reqding work on my Psoc 5 CY8C5588AXI-060?

Thank you very much,




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Hi Tim,


This question is answered in the post here.

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 excuseme a question:

have DAC the psoc 5 CY8CKIT-014??? 

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I think it is better to start a new thread and PSoC5 does have DAC.

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The PSOC 5 has IDAC, VDAC, 8 bits, and you can get higher resolution

with dithering -

and here


You can also use a PWM folowed by RC LPF or integrator to get high resolution.

See attached ap note on approach. Settling time is an issue with this approach.

Ap note covers filter calculations.


Lastly if absolute accuracy, very hi res needed use PWM, say 16 bits, and monitor/correct

with DelSig. This is a control loop with all the attendant considerations, stability, settling

time, response, etc.. to design.


Regards, Dana.



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