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Developing for PSoC5 in Creator 3.0 - One possible solution. | Cypress Semiconductor

Developing for PSoC5 in Creator 3.0 - One possible solution.

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 We know that when Creator 3.0 was released, it unfortunately dropped support for the PSoC5 chip, instead targeting only the 5LP range. This was a bit of a disappointment for some, especially me, as I have a large number of PSoC5 projects out in the wild which need maintenance and support.

Or if you have 2 versions of your PCB, some with 5 chips and some with 5LP chips, do you need to now maintain two separate sets of source code for what is essentially just one project?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could use all the nice new code editing features of Creator 3.0 but still build for, and program, PSoC5 devices as well as 5LP.

I have written a guide over on my personal blog which shows the steps I took to allow me to use the new features of Creator 3.0 and yet still build for and program PSoC5 devices. I basically set up two projects, one in Creator 2.2 to target the PSoC5 Boards and one in Creator 3.0 to target the 5LP boards, and shared the source code between them, so any changes I make in one happen automatically in the other. Now, I can just use Creator 3 for all my code edits, and then fire up Creator 2.2 just to do the final build. 

You can read my blog post over at my blog at


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Nice hack. But I was wondering won't you have issues with component versions, newlib-nano, etc? I'm guessing you keep them well sincronized.

Althought it was anounced with reasonable time the drop is causing some mayor pain.

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