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Delta_Sig ADC

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I want to use a Delta_Sig ADC in two different configurations.  On reviewing the spec sheet it for using ADC_SelectConfiguration it states to stop the ADC and power the ADC down, which I assump means to use the ADC_StopConvert(), and then the ADC_Stop().

However under ADC_Stop(), it states for the PSOC 5 Silicon (Not sure what that means, I have the PSOC 5 development board), it states the ADC_Stop() API is not recommended and will cause some analog connections to be unreliable, but does not go into details.

Does anyone know what unreliable connections the spec is talking about, or had experience using the ADC_SelectConfiguration().


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PSOC Creator 2.2, release notes, state -


ADC_Stop() API changes for PSoC 5

     Change required to prevent the component from impacting
     unrelated analog signals when stopped, when used with
     PSoC 5.


Eg. looks like it is fixed in 2.2


Regards, Dana.

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