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#define OUT_EP (0x02u) | Cypress Semiconductor

#define OUT_EP (0x02u)

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in the USB bulk transfer example, what is meant by this command: #define OUT_EP      (0x02u)

does it mean to set an adress of 0x02 to the endpoint "OUT_EP"?

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 Correction..... how did the end point get a number of 0x02 .... this endpoint 2 so is every endpoint point in the PSOC5 LP get an equivalent number?

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Hi, Basically attribute of Endpoint is determine in the property
dialog of USB.
You know, Endpoint Descriptor in the Device Descriptor Tab that is define

Endpoint number to usage(OUT/IN).

Endpoint number can select 1 to 8 of Endpoints. And multiple selection also


E.g. one IN Endpoint and two OUT Endpoints. That is vender specific.
Simply, Someone decide Endpoint number on PSoC and also Host PC,

These are must be same number.

Or someone can check up Endpoint number and usage by function of CyUSB.dll.

Anyway, You want to refer OUT Endpoint number from enumulated symbols.

I was checked up USB header and USB_descr.c

but the number can not be refer by symbol. It is literal constants, I dont know
Therefore, OUT Endpoint number define by #define statement. I think so.


 Thank you, and Happy USB

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 thanks :)

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