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DC offset in ADC_SAR conversion and FFT in Psoc | Cypress Semiconductor

DC offset in ADC_SAR conversion and FFT in Psoc

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Hello everyone, I am currently developing a pulse oximeter in PSoc 5LP using the ADC_SAR to convert the analogic data, in order  to understand better its behavior, I am doing some tests with a function generator, using the LCD to print the values which are being generated by the corvension of the ADC_DAR, in this procedure, I noticed that there is a offset of 1.024V, when the voltage applied is 0V. How do I remove it ?

My intention right now is take this digital data generated by the ADC send it via DMA to a filter, and then extract the amplitude of the fundamental Fourier component of this filtered signal. Is there some API provided by Cypress to compute the FFT ? Someone here faced similar problems ? A function to compute this Fourier component would fit perfectly in my project. I do not have much experience in working with Psoc, so my apologies if I did a dull question.

Thanks in Advance.

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Double post answeres to the other thread, please.


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