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CY8CKIT-059 Kitprog - restore factory settings | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-059 Kitprog - restore factory settings

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I'm using CY8CKIT-059 separated in its two parts (i) Kitprog and (ii) Target device, booth connected by 5 wires with the Program / Debug Header J 7 J3 . Programming and debugging worked fine for a cupple of days, but suddenly an (hardware ?) error occurs. The Kitprog is no longer listed in the Select debug target window of PSoC Creator. It is also not listed in Programmer V 3.24 and  also not in Windows device manager .

Connect USB cable with SW3 button pressed results in green LED 3 blinking, but there is no USB- Serial  entry in the  Bootloader Host.  Is there is reliable procedure to restore factory settings *.hex file in the Kitprog under these circumstances ?

A second Kitprog module works well as programmer and degugger for the same separate target device board and is also visible as KitProg in Windows device manager.





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This is a double post, follow up here, please.



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