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I am trying to run the example project of CY8CKIT 023 on PSoC 5 CY8CKIT 001. I successfully programmed PSoC 5 CY8CKIT 010 however when I connect iPhone accessory expansion board, it does not work. I changed J52 to 2-3 position and I connected VR to P6.5 on Port A. How can I make it work?


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      Can you please create a technical support case on our website for this problem ( -> Tech Support -> Create a Case)?


Please let us know the following information in the case for faster problem resolution:

- Which iPhone are you using for testing (3, 3GS, 4, 4S etc)

- What version of iOS are you running on the iOS

- Did you connect a USB cable from CY8CKIT-023 Type A USB connector to USB Mini B connector on CY8CKIT-001 (PSoC DVK)

- Sequence of messages displayed on the LCD when iPhone is docked to CY8CKIT-023

- USB or equivalent trace files for the failing condition.




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