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Cy8Ckit-010 Startup hex programming | Cypress Semiconductor

Cy8Ckit-010 Startup hex programming

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Hey everyone,

For testing programming, on my new PSOC5 module(CY8CKIT-010) for the DVK1 development kit (CY8CKIT-001), I tried to use the 3.12 version of PSOC Programmer with the MiniProg3 to load in the CY8C55_QSG_Startup.hex. This file is located in the Firmware folder on the CD for the PSOC5 CY8CKIT-010

When I try to Verify or Load the hex file I receive the following error...

FAILED! Can not Load Hex File. File does not exist or it is corrupted!

I have tripple checked the settings for Programming mode, Verification, Autodetection, Connector & Speed... And they all look correct. I have copied the file to my local hard disk, tried different directory names, file names, etc.

Additionally loading the CY8C38_QSG_Startup.hex on my PSOC3 modules works perfectly.

Any help would be wonderful as I am a bit timid in working on a large design for my PSOC5, for it to not program. I know this sounds silly, but I also like to load the Startup hex onto my PSOC devices when I am done for the night as it assures me that I have not killed anything :)

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