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CY8CKIT-001 reset and power on is NOT the same | Cypress Semiconductor

CY8CKIT-001 reset and power on is NOT the same

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I am using the CY8CKIT-001 development kit working on a modified ADC_DMA_Memory_16Bit code. I have my samples set to 8000 and the ADC rate set to 4000, which should be 2 secs worth of recording.

It doesn't record for 2 sec, but.... the actual point I am addressing here, is.... I have an LED indicator that tells me the program is ready for recording. It works as planned when I either reprogram the board, or remove power and re-apply power... but when I hit the "Reset" switch on the eval board, I never get an indicator that the program has reset and is now ready for recording.

Any ideas??


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Hi Keith,

Ideally speaking there should be no difference between power off-on or Reset in your case. Upon reset, all the values are flushed out and the ADC readings are once again accumulated 8000 times.
Are you making the LED blink once the storing of samples is complete?


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