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Hi Everyone,

Been working with PSoC 5(CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5 Development Kit) over this past year and have been successfully using it with DMA, USB and ADCs, etc.

However recently I have been using the kit to interface to a AT86RF231 transceiver. The SPI interface is working correctly, however I am experiencing a problem with an interrupt.

The basic operation is that the code sits waiting on an interrupt, upon receiving the interrupt the code reads the contains of the transceiver using SPI, when the read has been completed the interupt flag is reset and the code waits on the next interrupt. The problem I am expericening is that this code runs for a view hundred times, then the code freezes. When I check the disassembly I am always getting stuck at cs3_isr_interrupt, the time until this occurs varies.

I have enabled CyGlobalIntEnable, it is possible the ISR needs to be reset or is there something that is overflowing.

Any help welcome



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This has been taken care of in the forum.


Regards, Dana.

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