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Cool articles on USB !

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 Hi guys, I am sure there are some USB developers who are PSoC developers as well. Even if you are not a USB developer, the very fact that USB being the most used connectivity interface that mankind has ever produced should actually be intiguing for you to work on USB. There are some interesting articles and guidelines you might have missed in the PSoC forum but are very essential as a USB develeoper. I came across this old blogpost and I though I should be sharing it with you.

USB Reading

I feel that there is lot of USB related reading material out there – almost an information deluge - but there are few that encompass some of the key points of this protocol. I’m trying to compile here a few articles that I used to understand some of the basics. Hope this list helps!  

1. USB in a nutshell (By Craig Peacock) -

This is an old article (written in 2002) – but describes the protocol in a lot of detail. May be a little too deep for some – I had found it very useful to understand what really goes inside a USB pipe


2. Upgrading Embedded Design Firmware via USB (By Rakesh Reddy) –

This goes a little deeper into the embedded design with USB for those who are not satisfied with the first article above!


3. Common USB Development Mistakes – You Don’t Have To Make Them All Yourself! – (By Steve Kolokowsky and Trevor Davis)

This is a very handy article for embedded designers starting off with USB


4.  USB Technology: Multi-TT Hub Goes Head-to-Head With Single-TT – (By Patrick Schmid for Tom’s Hardware) -,677.html

Don’t go by the title. Most of us have used a USB hub at some point in our lives. This article – written back in 2003, gives a good understanding on how a USB hub works!


5. Increase the USB performance of your handset design (By Steve Kolokowsky) -

Now that 90% of world’s handset devices (>1.3Billion handsets sold every year) have a USB port, most popularly used for charging and data transfer – this article written in 2006 is very much ahead of its time.


6. Making USB Flash Drives Secure (By Anant Jhawar)  -

Great read on how the most common USB device around (the flash drives / USB sticks / thumb drives – or whatever you call them J ) can be made more scure


8. USB3.0 – The Next-Generation Interconnect (By Ashwini Govindaraman)

Good article on some of the basics of USB3.0

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