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Code editing in psoc creator | Cypress Semiconductor

Code editing in psoc creator

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Hello all,


I got a huge psoc project (code and schematic) from a friend of mine. When I change any parameter in the code or in device configuration and rebuilt it, the changes are undone. The original code is what is reflected again. Can anyone please tell me why this is happening and how can I edit it?


Thank you in advance

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Do not edit in any of the generated files* ("Generated Source" folder), they will get renewed with every build. Instead make your changes in the project's header and source files. I understand that changes in the schematics are not reverted. If so it is just a matter of access rights to the project's folders and files.




* There are exceptions for that regarding interrupt handlers, but there are safer ways to do that.

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Generated files, for example interrupt generated files, have placeholder

locations where variable definition and code can be placed without being



For example, in a "typical" ISR generated file the following is present -


*  Place your includes, defines and code here
/* `#START ISR_Sleep_intc` */

/* `#END` */


and for code -


    /*  Place your Interrupt code here. */
    /* `#START ISR_Sleep_Interrupt` */

    /* `#END` */


Regards, Dana.

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Thanks a lot Bob and Danaa :)

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