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Clocks, Timer, Tolerance and Accuracy Question | Cypress Semiconductor

Clocks, Timer, Tolerance and Accuracy Question

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I have been using a timer to use as a global clock for one of my programs and there seems to be a slight inaccuracy (about 0.08% lag) on the clock so I adjusted the period to match.

Here is a picture of my timer setup: (also attached)

For both clocks I set tolerance to unchecked. Does this make the inaccuracy worse or better? Will there always be inherent inaccuracy of the cypress timer in the kit? Is there a way that this accuracy can be improved?

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The accuracy of the IMO can only be improved by using a crystal. IMO is +- 1%, releasing the clock accuracy only affects the timing checks, not the accuracy itself.



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Tom, 0.08% accuracy is remarkably good. The on-board oscillator stability over time is just slightly better than 0.1%, attaching a frequency meter shows  perpetual frequency jitter around the forth digit, which means that there is nothing to improve without XO as was mentioned by Bob Marlowe. 

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