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Changing UART parity at runtime (on PSOC5LE device) | Cypress Semiconductor

Changing UART parity at runtime (on PSOC5LE device)

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Hello Everyone,

I want to configure parity of my uart module at runtime on my PSOC5LE device.  I am using UART[v2.50] component and PSOC designer.

To achieve this I had enabled the API control. I went through the component datasheet where it describes to use the UART_WriteControlRegister() API to achieve this task. But I cannot find the macros UART__B_UART__NONE_REVB, UART__B_UART__EVEN_REVB etc... defined in the code. 

Please help. 

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Welcome in the forum!

I am quite sure you are using PSoC Creator and not Designer.

the #define UART__B_UART__NONE_REVB is in your UART.h file which is already included in your project, so you may use that instantly. Remember to replace the first "UART" with your component name which usually is "UART_1"!



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