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changing a deafault function related to a library component | Cypress Semiconductor

changing a deafault function related to a library component

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I've been trying to turn a project of AN61102 called "ADC_DMA_16bit_Continuous" into a library component

the only problem I have had is that in this project there is a change in a default function of DMA - "DMA_Done_isr.c"

when I'm trying to add the new component into a new project, I have to manually update the code lines in the created function DMA_Done_isr.c (and every time something changes in the new project, and I recompile, the default definition of the function is rebuilt)

I've tried using the following code lines in the component C file :


                                                  ....... // the main function enters here ..........


this seem to work only if I delete the CY_ISR function from the file "DMA_Done_isr.c" , and every time I recompile the project I have to delete it again (If I don't delete it, an error message appears saying "Build error: multiple definition of `Scope_1_DMA_Done_isr_Interrupt'"

How can I make the change in the library component permanent without the need to delete or update the code lines every time


I have added the library component I've created and an example project, just so that you can see what I'm talking about


I would appreciate getting help






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Do not use built-in interrupt. Instead, attach external ISR component, write some code to execute on interrupt, and enable ISR using StartEx(...) function.
See AN54460-psoc-3-and-psoc-5lp-interrupt

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Odissey1 thank you very much,

I used isr_StartEx(myIsr) and it worked like a magic.

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