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capsensor with analog mux

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hi there.


I would like to use a circle type electrode as both button type capsensor and other use. 

so, I tried use a amux to change path to the circle type electrode.


if amux set 0, the path is ( first setting ) 

CapSense_CSD -> mux -> the circle type electrode

if amux set 1, the path is ( second setting )

another circuit -> mux -> the circle type electrode 


the problem is.. when i use the first setting the capsensor button shows always ON state. 

when mux is disabled,  capsensor works fine. so I think activated mux should changes capsensor working condition.


I have thought that the mux is just switch.... the above condition says another properties of mux must be exist..




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Hello Kakadin,


Is it possible for you to give more information. Please give us your schematic and project.




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