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Capsense System VDDA voltage | Cypress Semiconductor

Capsense System VDDA voltage

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Hi everyone,

I'm using capsens with 2 channels 28 capsenses.

For my application I need to use Vdac 125 --> 2V and Current qsource 32uA

When I compile I have a warning that i don't understand.

I"m using a PSOC 5 with a 3.3v supply, so if I use 2V Vdac I am normaly in the range.


Thank you

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Please post your project.

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What you see is not a warning, just a notice. The DAC thats used by the CapSense component has a range of 0-4.08V (which is hardwired). So with a Vdda of 3.3V you get the notice that you cannot use the full range. Since you don't need it, its not relevant for you.

The actual warning that you get is that the variable 'whoami' is not used in your code (so its probably never read).

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