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CapSense Pins

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Are there any known issues with pins no longer working for capsense after being used for digital I/O? I have the PSoC Development kit and accidently assigned a digital I/O function to P0.5 and then corrected the assignment back to capsense function...the capsense function for that port no longer functions...I can reassign it to another pin and the functionality works...if I assign back to P0.5 it will not work...I assigned P0.5 for digital functions and it works fine for digital I/O...Any suggestions/workarounds?

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Is their any chance that you have P0[5] wired to something on the development kit's breadboard? You should have no issues assigning a CapSense pin with a different functionality, and then later setting it back.



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You can try like this: First make the pin properties as default in pin properties window. and then reassign the pin to capsense into the capsense wizard. then I Think it should work.



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