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Cannot find device in Device Selector | Cypress Semiconductor

Cannot find device in Device Selector

Summary: 2 Replies, Latest post by Geona Mary on 28 Jul 2016 04:40 AM PDT
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I'm using the CY8C5588AXI-060 chip and PSoC Creater 3.3, but cannot find the device under the device selector.  In fact no CY8C55xxxxx-xxx devices show up at all, even with all the filters removed.  Will the programmer be able to detect it when connected?  I'd try, but I'm not at that stage of the project yet.   




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All of the devices are in the list. If you have an active program open in Psoc Creator. There should be 555 devices.

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Old PSoC5 devices are supported by Creator 2.2 or earlier only. Versions are co-existent and you may install 2.2 without interfering with PSoC Creator 3.3.

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Geona Mary

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