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CAN: Do GUI options affect AMR and ACR register? | Cypress Semiconductor

CAN: Do GUI options affect AMR and ACR register?

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Hi there,

I use Full mailboxes with the FIFO functionality and I want to have 4 FIFOs in total. Consequently, I link receive mailboxes 0 to 3, 4 to 7, 8 to 11 and 12 to 15 together. Then I set the following IDs for the four groups: 0x10B, 0x30B, 0x50B, 0x70B. IDE is 0 since I want to communicate with 11-bit-COB-IDs. Every configuration until now is done with the GUI.

If I run my program and print the contents of my ACR/AMR register to the LCD they do not match my GUI configurations (e.g. the IDE bit is set in the ACR). Why is that? Further, although they are linked together, mailboxes of the same group seem to have slightly different ACR/AMR configurations. Do they simply not apply in the FIFO case or what am I doing wrong?


Thanks in advance!


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Please share your PSoC Creator project with us to understand why the IDE is set . It is difficult to comment on this issue without looking into your project

Also let us know what is the AMR and ACR value you are observing .

Please have a look into the following forum post to understand how AMR and ACR are set -


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Thanks for your answer. I'm sorry I can't publish my source code. But anyway, I think I was accessing the registers in a wrong way, that's why I came up with the question in the headline. Now the AMR and ACR registers behave like they should!

(just another tip for people working on that, too: when writing these registers it is highly recommended to use the RXRegisterInit function, otherwise strange side-effects will occur)

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