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Bootloader with PSoC 5

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Can I use just an USB port connected directly to a PSoC 5 chip to use the bootloader/send a bootloader file from PSoCDesigner/Express?


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Cypress Employee
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Check out the below forum thread on bootloader for PSoC3. PSoC5 also supports the I2C bootloader. USB support is not yet available.

However, there is an errata for PSoC5 bootloader. The PSoC5 bootloader only works at 400KHz I2C clock. It does not work at 50KHz and 100KHz clock speeds.

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When we can expect to obtain an PSOC5 samples, or availability to buy one ?

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Has Cypress been working on implementing a USB bootloader for the PSOC5 or PSOC3?

That is an essential process for actually deploying these parts in the field, we often send our customers software updates, and there is no way we would send them a mini-prog or want them to open the case.

It seems to me that if Atmel has this feature for their parts then Cypress can!

Please let me know when the USB bootloader will be implemented.



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