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Bootloader Host Self Bootload

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Hello everyone,

I recently downloaded the Bootloader Host application from the below link:

The application uses a DVK(PSoC 5LP) as a bootloading device to connect to and bootload other PSoC devices. I was wondering if this operation is possible to implement on a single board by modifying the application.

For example can I download an arbitrary bootloadable.cyacdn file, parse it to a string image and bootload the same device from this string image? Basically can the device bootload itself with this Bootloader Host application?

Thank you in advance,

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So in this case you boot loader will have the string parser application and the .cyacd file. Also you need to modify the bootloader component such a way that it does not use any communication component.Also you will have to make sure that tha PSoC5LP flash must have enough memory to store th .cyacd and have a bootlodable project.



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