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Bootloadable Projects

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 I have long suspected that if you have a bootloader and a bootloadable project, and you program it to the device, then each time you rebuild your project and bootload the device only the bootloadable, not the bootloader, gets re-flashed. 

Can anyone confirm this?

The reason I ask is that because if you then make a change to your Bootloader, it doesn't seem to get programmed into the device. For example, I changed a setting in my bootloader to use 'Fast Application Validation' but it doesn't seem to have taken effect.

I find that I have to reprogram the device with the Miniprog-3 in order to get any changes to the bootloader implemented.

Can anyone confirm that this is the case?

If so, then that's a problem because I can't do that to the many devices in the field! - I will need to find a work around that will let me re-flash the bootloader.


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You are quite right, Kenny: Since the bootloader is a running program when re-programming is active, it cannot be changed or overwritten. Cypress explained additionally that you may NOT change the bootloader version and have to stick to the current one or you will have to re-program the complete chip. Sorry, I do not remember in which documentation I red that, getting old...

There *might* be a trick to help out: Write a bootloadable which re-programs the bootloader. Sounds a bit like a job for one of the Cypress Engineers.



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The bootloader part can be modified only by reprogramming the device. the bootloading operation only modifies the bootloadble part of flash. Generally, the bootloader part of the flash is write protected for the devices on the field, so that this portion doesnot go corrupt. If you need to change the contents of the entire flash, you should implement an HSSP as explained in this application notes:



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