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boot loader programming for manufacturing

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 We're pushing our first PSOC design to manufacturing soon and I'm working on the test/programming document.

Our design utilizes the boot loader component for field upgrades.

I'd like to use PSoC Programmer along with a miniprog3 to load the bootloader and application firmware either at the same time or sequentially (I don't want to use the bootloader to load the application firmware to save time).

Can I simply combine the two hex files into a single file for programming, or is there some other trick to use to accomplish this?

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Hello  danielweberdlc,

Yes. For programming the application firmware initially, all you need to do is use the Bootloadable (application) hex file. This is a combinational hex file and contains both bootloader and application. You don't have to worry of combining. By default creator does it for you :)




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