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ADCINC problem

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I want to test a very simple code, insamp (with two PGA and one ADC). When I run the code, it stop in the line:

if (ADCINC_1_fIsDataAvailable() != 0);

Below is the code, can anyone tell me what wrongs, thankks a lot in advance!

#include <m8c.h>        // part specific constants and macros
#include "PSoCAPI.h"    // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules
#include "PSoCGPioInt.h"

int  iResult;

void main(void)
    ADCINC_1_Start(ADCINC_1_HIGHPOWER); /* Turn on ADC power */
    ADCINC_1_GetSamples(0);            /* Sample forever */
    while(1) {
     if (ADCINC_1_fIsDataAvailable() != 0) /* If ADC sample is ready... */
         iResult = ADCINC_1_iGetData() + 2048; /* Get result, convert to unsigned and clear flag */

The general system setup as below:




 Analog Power: SC on/RefH


OpAmp bias Low

A-buff_power low

Switch Mode Pump OFF

Trip Voltage LVD4.81V

Including is my project codes.

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Hi JimL,


Can you please repost the question in PSoC1 topics of the forum?

In this space, PSoC5 topics are discussed.





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You  need to enable Global Interrupts for the ADC to work.  Add the code "M8C_EnableGInt;" in main.  See if this fixes the problem.  Also, check out my blog post PSoC1 ADCs - The Five Golden Rules that talks about best practices to get the ADC working without any problem.

Best Regards,


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