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ADC Delta Sigma Math

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I'm using a Delta Sigma ADC in my project, and I'm having trouble getting correct values for Vin. The math from the example project doesn't seem to work, and I'm not sure what the real formula I should be using is. Does anyone know the correct equation to convert the result from the ADC to the real Vin?

Thank you

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These API calls make life easy -



Description: ConvertstheADCoutput tomVasa32-bit integer.Forexample,if theADCmeasured

0.534V, thereturnvaluewouldbe534mV.

Parameters: int32adcCounts:ResultfromtheADCconversion.

ReturnValue: int32:Result inmV.

SideEffects: None



Description: ConvertstheADCoutput toµVasa32-bit integer.Forexample,if theADCmeasured

ñ0.02345V, thereturnvaluewouldbeñ23450µV.

Parameters: int32adcCounts:ResultfromtheADCconversion.

ReturnValue: int32:Result inµV.

SideEffects: None





Description: ConvertstheADCoutput tovoltsasafloatingpointnumber.Forexample,if theADC

measuresavoltageof 1.2345V,thereturnedresult wouldbe+1.2345V.

Parameters: int32adcCounts:ResultfromtheADCconversion.

ReturnValue: Float: Resultof thelast ADCconversion.

SideEffects: None

Regards, Dana.

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If you are using VSS to VDD range then you need to set your VDD voltage in systems tab. Open PSOC Creaotor .cydwr file. Open systems tab. In that you will find VDD setting. The APIs use this VDD value to convert from counts to actual voltage. 

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