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about control transfer

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I want to try Control transfer in PSoc 5, but never successful

Here is my firmware

  case 0xA2:
    averageVolts=117;//averageVolates type is uint32
    requestHandled  = USBFS_1_InitControlRead();

   case 0xA3:

    requestHandled  = USBFS_1_InitControlWrite();
    In PC

 CCyControlEndPoint* CtlEndpoint;


 PUCHAR buf=new UCHAR[32];//Receive data

 long buflen=32;

 str.Format(_T("Voltagle=%4ld mV"), buf);
 dlg->SetDlgItemTextW(IDC_TEXTDEVINO, str);


Is there anything wrong with the code? What is difference between USBFS_1_currentTD.wCount=32; and


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