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1024 points FFT with CMSIS | Cypress Semiconductor

1024 points FFT with CMSIS

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after reading of

I tried to get it to run on my CY8CKIT- 014 with a PSoC5 ES1.

Result:  38208 Byte Flash,   8508  SRAM, (after combing the huge CMSIS library)

Measured time was:  23,5 ms per FFT   (1024 points, 32Bit float format,  60Mc processor clock)

The full CMSIS- sample reached 56 ms  with

- calculating the magnitude at each bin
- Calculating of maxValue and returning corresponding BIN value

I am happy, that the PSoC5 satisfies my goals.
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Welcome in the forum, Woki!

I am interested in your project, would you mind to post it here? To do so, use
Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (Bundle)
and attach the resulting file.


PS: Where in Germany do you live, I am located near Bremen.

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 Hi Bob,

I'm located in Saxony (Elsterberg).

Here is the complete Archive.


More results: 

- Format q_15 (fixpoint 16 bits)

- 1024 points   11 ms
    512                  5 ms
    256                  2 ms
    128                  1 ms
      64               0.4 ms

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Nice project. This will get a lot of looks.
Thank you for sharing. Good use of the forum.

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Hi, I'm working on a project where I need to convert 1024 samples from the SAR ADC from PSOC5-LP and apply the FFT in the resulting array. I'm trying to apply the method described in the project you uploaded but I'm not obtaining any results. I'm trying to send the resulting values of the FFT (the "testInput_f32_10khz" array after using "the arm_cfft_f32" function) via UART and plot them in Matlab. Am I thinking this straight? Is this the vector that holds the resulting FFT? 

Thank you for your time, 

Best Regards, 

 Carlos Loura

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Hi carlos,

please uncomment line 78 in main.c, the resulting values (magnitudes) then are in testOutput. Length is fftsize.

Much success!


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