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what's behind the curtain?

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 who is running the betting pool on what's  coming?


PSoC 4 with usb and more 'stuff'? This would fulfill the original PSoC 4 we were teased with by the CEO.


PSoC 5 with Ethernet? (just as my ethernet solution starts selling to customers)


PSoC 7 with ...? As teased in eetimes (??) a year or so ago.


Any other ideas? 





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Well ...


in the new product roadmap posted on 9Nov2014 ( I only see one major chip announcement in the PSoC Family: PSoC 4 BLE.


Adding bluetooth inside a PSoC 4 does add to the IoT capabilities, but I hope this was just a tease and that I have overlooked something or another updated roadmap will be published tomorrow.


No mention of any larger/better PSoC 5 or PSoC 4 besides the BLE and more 80Mhz PSoC 5LP units.


Waiting for 11Nov2014 ....



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I was hoping to see PSoC7 and PSoC5 with more flash (512k or 1M)

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Most probably its the PSoC4 with BLE. I would really like that.

And I'm curious to see how much external components that one needs (the roadmaps says something about 'integrated balun'). I had a project that would require me to build my own PCB with it, so I would need a chip antenna

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