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Videos updated in The PSoC Insiders Blog..!!! | Cypress Semiconductor

Videos updated in The PSoC Insiders Blog..!!!

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Hi All,


The PSoC Insiders Blog, started by the PSoC Applications team is focussed on giving wide range of design ideas, tips and tricks, some informal training on PSoC devices, development kits and design tools. The blog entries consists of short articles and videos that concentrate on various topics which will help you understand the tools and get your project working fast.


Your feedback on this blog will be very helpful. Feel free to suggest the topics which you want to be covered in the blog. Suggestions and ideas are most welcome, and please don't forget to check the blog regularly as it will be updated with new posts frequently.




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 Great :-) Keep it coming - I love the updates - I am really pleased with how PSoC has simplified my design lifecycle, and the blog and videos are a good aide.

Just for convenience, I thought I'd post a link to your blog: It can be found here.

Hope thats OK.

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