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vdac update rate

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Whats the maximum rate at which the output of VDAC can change ? whats the maximum signal frequency i can connect to strobe?



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In hardware input mode the VDAC8 /IDAC8 can strobe input bus up to the master clock frequency, but you may observe some artifacts on the output. Standard trick is to add 1/2 clock delay using NOT element on strobe line.

Analog output frequency (sine wave) obtainable from VDAC8 without much artefacts is under 100 kHz. Adding buffer OPAMP makes it worse. The IDAC8 allows for faster output using external resistor, about 400 kHz is possible.

For higher output frequencies make simple DIY R-2R DAC using 0.1℅ resistors. Such DAQ works well even at MHz frequencies.

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according to the PSoC5LP IDAC8 Ref B. data sheet the page 21 the Fdac update rate may be 8Msps.


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