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USB MIDI Jack Configuration

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Hello folks,

I've been working on getting a modified version of the USB MIDI 2x2 example project up and running. My goal as of right now is to simply add an addition port to make it a 3x3 MIDI interface with both an internal and external connection.

So my main issue is the lack of documentation on configuration of the MIDI IN/OUT jacks in the USB macro. The component datasheet gives lots of good info on the descriptors and other USB configuration setting but almost nothing on the MIDI Jack configuration.  

Here are the parameters i'm talking about

bJack Type - This is simple, EXTERNAL, EMBEDED, or UNDEFINED

bJackID - Also straight foreword, ID for each jack in the design 

bNrInputPins - Have no idea what this parameter is for

baSourceID - No clue on this parameter either

baSourcePin - No idea on this guy either

iJack - The String name for the jack

Can one of you smart folks shed some light on what each of these parameters is for so that I can configure it properly?


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Hi Goodchild,

Said parameters come directly from the USB Audio Class specification, where they are properly defined, specifically this specification ->

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Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. As a note it may be worth while adding a note in the Cypress documentation for each associated interface pointing to it's USB specification/definition. I'm sure others that are not as familiar with the entirety of the USB specification would find it usefully knowing where to look.

Thanks again!


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