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Status Register v1.80 interrupt can not be enabled | Cypress Semiconductor

Status Register v1.80 interrupt can not be enabled

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This is actually a multi-part question/problem.

1. The first issue is the datasheet description for the INTR pin.

1a. The Input/Output Connection section describes the INTR as an output.

intr – Output *
This optional pin is shown on the symbol when the Generate interrupt parameter is enabled.
This option is only valid if less than 8 inputs are selected.

1b. The Parameters section describes INTR as an input.

Generate interrupt
This parameter displays the interrupt input on the symbol. This option is unchecked by default.
Interrupt is valid only if the number of inputs is less than 8.

1c. Nowhere in the datasheet does it describe what the interrupt does (if it's an input) nor what triggers it (if it's an output)

2. I have the component configured with 7 inputs and the Generate Interrupt check box is enabled. Considering that "Generate Interrupt" infers that the Status Register will initiate/generate an interrupt, so I have the INTR pin connected to an ISR component so I can do something when a status bit changes (assuming the INTR is generated on a change in an input...). However; when I try to call the Status_Reg_1_InterruptEnable() API, PSoC Creator (Version 2.2 Component Pack 6 ( throws out a WARN prj.M0121:statement with no effect.

So, my questions are:

Is the INTR in input or output?
If input, what does it do?
If output, what triggers it?
Why won't the SW let me enable it?

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I have no problems at all with enabling the interrupt (just tried it).

Probably you have made a typo or forgot the "()".

intr is an output signal which -as you already did- should be connected to an isr-usermodule.

Have a look into the "System Reference Guide" (can be reached via "Help") to get a look at how to declare and define an interrupt handler.

Lastly start your handler with "isr_StartEx(Handler);"

When your problem still remains, post complete project here. Use "Create Workspace Bundle" from within Creator.



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Calling the interrupt pin an input under the "parameters" section is a mistake - it is an output. Look at the rest of the datasheet.
The interrupt will be generated when a pin (as defined in the interrupt mask) changes.
I just tested the interrupt generation, and did not get this warning (using Creator 2.2 SP1)

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